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Monthly Archives: November 2019

    Capital gains tax and real estate transactions – Tom’s Take #142

    By Tom Toole | November 19, 2019

      There are many financial ramifications that are involved when selling a home. How much will it cost to carry it? Will you be taxed on the sale or the gain from the sale? Long term capital gains tax can come into play on assets owned for more than a year. There is a difference... Read More

    Holiday season real estate myths BUSTED – Tom’s Take #141

    By Tom Toole | November 12, 2019

      Real estate agents tend to spew out recommendations and statements with little fact or analysis behind them. A great example is that the holiday season is a bad time to buy or sell. Rather than make statements based on intuition or beliefs, let’s look at the facts. Tune into episode #141 of Tom’s Take... Read More

    How’s the market through the 3rd quarter in 2019? – Tom’s Take #140

    By Tom Toole | November 5, 2019

      How’s the market is the #1 question out there right now for real estate consumers. There is tons of satay and noise out there from all the major business news outlets. What does it all mean for Buyers and Sellers? How does that apply to the local market? Tune into episode #140 of Tom’s... Read More

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