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Monthly Archives: January 2019

    Tom’s Take #100 – 3 Crazy real estate stories from the field

    By Valerie Wasman | January 29, 2019

      After 100 episodes, we thought it may be time to share some of the weird, funny and crazy things that happen in the field. Check out episode #100 of Tom’s Take to hear some of most bizarre real estate stories that are all part of helping people buy and sell real estate everyday. Read More

    Tom’s Take #99 – Get your home ready for the cold

    By Valerie Wasman | January 22, 2019

      Is your home ready for freezing temperatures? Many homeowners do not have their home ready for the potential disasters that come with cold weather. Check out episode #99 of Tom’s Take to learn some easy steps to make sure your home is prepped for and safe from old man Winter. Read More

    Tom’s Take #98 – What happens when Buyers and Sellers disagree

    By Valerie Wasman | January 15, 2019

      Sometimes, Buyers and Sellers disagree and the contract does not govern what happens. So how do these disputes get resolved? Check out episode #98 of Tom’s Take to learn what Mediation is and how it works, so that Buyers and Sellers can resolves disputes more economically and faster than going through litigation.     Read More

    Tom’s Take #97 – How long does it take to buy or sell a home?

    By Tom Toole | January 8, 2019

      Planning is important with any big decision, especially when buying or selling a home. Part of planning is timing the move, so you can arrange the rest of your life accordingly. Check out episode #97 of Tom’s Take to learn how long it takes to close on a sale after a contract is signed... Read More

    Tom’s Take #96 – Will the Government shutdown effect real estate transactions?

    By Tom Toole | January 2, 2019

    The Federal Government shut down was on 12/21 as many of you saw on the news.  A lot of people will be effected, no question. Many government agencies have a hand in real estate transactions, especially the financing portion. Check out episode #96 of Tom’s Take to see what the shutdown means for real estate... Read More

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