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Monthly Archives: July 2018

    Tom’s Take #75 – Default and deposit money

    By Tom Toole | July 31, 2018

    Every agreement should include deposit money paid the Buyer. Many consumers do not know when the Buyer forfeits that money and what Buyer default even means. Check out episode #75 of Tom’s Take to find out when the Buyer could lose their deposit and to learn what default means. Read More

    Tom’s Take #74 – Overstock, Amazon and Zillow

    By Tom Toole | July 24, 2018

      News broke this week that Overstock is entering the real estate industry. Amazon Key and Zillow Instant Offers are two other potential disrupters of buying and selling homes as we know it. There is a lot of buzz and opinions surrounding these massive companies entering the space, but what does it all mean for... Read More

    Tom’s Take #73 – 4 questions to ask any lender to make your loan process run smoothly

    By Tom Toole | July 17, 2018

      Have you had a bad experience with a lender? Do you want to avoid that again at all costs? Are you having a hard time differentiating good from bad when it comes to a refinance or home purchase decision? Check out episode #73 of Tom’s Take to learn 4 questions to ask every lender... Read More

    Tom’s Take #72 – What happens when a home does not appraise at value?

    By Tom Toole | July 11, 2018

      Right now, values are still inclining. There are instances when the past sales are not catching up, especially when inventory remains low. All of these factors have created appraisal issues across the country, where the mortgage company and appraisers are not valuing homes the same way Buyers do. Check out episode #72 of Tom’s... Read More

    Tom’s Take #71 – Inspections and Disclosure

    By Tom Toole | July 3, 2018

    Are Sellers required to share a previous inspection report? What are the disclosure requirements after a deal goes south and the home comes back on the market? Check out episode #71 of Tom’s Take to find out exactly what a Seller must disclose and what a Seller is entitled to after an inspection. Read More

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