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John Pike
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John Pike has been in the real estate business for well over two decades. During the early years of his career, he concentrated on general contracting, providing services to help clients build, maintain, or improve their physical spaces. After 20 years of diligent service, he transitioned his sights to a new field: becoming a real estate agent.

John has since been a dedicated and hardworking real estate agent, committed to finding the best deals for his clients. He has a wealth of experience in customer service activities, as he has spent years honing his skillset in order to assist his customers with anything from locating the perfect property to conducting negotiations and closing deals.

John also is a family man. As a husband and father, he understands the importance of family values and the symbolism of a home for a family. His clients trust his experience and commitment to doing what's best for everyone involved.

The process of finding a home or commercial property is complex. Fortunately, John Pike brings years of experience and a personal touch to the process. He is an invaluable asset to his community and thanks to his dedication, customers have the experience of making a sound investment and getting the most out of their real estate purchases.